How many bricks can you lay in a day?

Each project is different.  It depends on access to the area, the height of the build and what bricks you will be using.  Specialised and facebricks take longer than bricks that are rendered.  We arrange to visit the site and provide a detailed quote for your specific requirements.

Do you supply the bricks and mortar?

Generally we supply the bricks and mortor, but are open to you supplying them.

Will you clean old bricks and use them if I supply them?

Yes we are happy to clean and use recycled bricks. Keep in mind cleaning bricks are labour intensive and will be quoted on accordingly.

Do you work on Saturdays?

If it is pre-arranged we can work on Saturdays.

Do you work need me to doing anything before you start?

Depending on the job you may need to do the following:

  • produce plans prior to commencement of work
  • provide an engineers report, if required
  • ensure there is clear access to the area
  • for renovations you may be required to clear the area of furniture or other obstacles
For difficult access and high jobs do you supply the scaffolding?

Due to WHS any jobs over 3 metres in height a fully qualified ticketed scaffolder will be required to erect and dismantle the scaffolding.  We are able to arrange the scaffolding or alternatively you can arrange it.

Do you clean up the site afterwards and is there a charge?

We will ensure the site is left tidy and clear of our building materials.  If a trip to the tip or a skip bin is required we will include it in the quote.

Do you do the end of job brick clean?

The cleaning of bricks after the job is a specialist field and protective garments must be worn due to the use of acid.  We are able to arrange a brick cleaner for you or if you prefer you can arrange this yourself.

Do you have any other questions?

Please complete the form below if you have any other questions and we will be happy to assist you.

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